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The difference between hydrogenation reactor and high pressure reaction kettle

Hydrogenation reactor, also called hydrogenated reactor or hydrogenated reactor is a reactor used in hydrogenation, hydrogenation reactor and autoclave of the difference is that the main difference is that the hydrogen – hydrogen as reaction medium in the reactor of inflammable and explosive gases, hydrogen leak is very prone to come into contact with open fire after explosion, danger on the operator. Electrical part of the hydrogenation reactor explosion-proof role, the purpose of which is to prevent sparks and detonated hydrogen. Equipped with explosion-proof devices on autoclave also has the function of hydrogenation reactor. Hydrogenation is a chemical reaction process, because the hydrogen is not active, must be equipped with catalyst, conditions such as high temperature, high pressure reaction.
hydrogen of reaction kettle in chemical production in the General in two species process in the using:
added hydrogen reaction process, main is through added hydrogen makes not saturated of organic into saturated of organic, as will benzene added hydrogen generated ring has been n-to for manufacturing nylon; will fish oil added hydrogen making hardening solid oil to and storage and transport; manufacturing SOAP, and glycerol of process is a added hydrogen process.
-hydrogen reaction, mainly replacement of hydrogen on the organic matter in the form of hydrogen. Example, by hydrogenolysis of coal or heavy oil into synthetic oil of small molecules in liquid form.