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Hydrogenation reactor structures and practices to accept

Added hydrogen reaction Kettle volume small, machine structure simple reliable, economic. durable. accessories complete. standard has original imports micro DC motor, and pressure table, and explosion-proof device, and intake valve, and sampling valve, and temperature probe, and can convenient of achieved trace reflect experiment. Kettle body, and heater can completely separation. great of convenient has reaction kettle of demolition work, improve efficiency.
mixing way: internal magnetic mixing, not exists axis seal leak and maintenance of problem, ensure no leak rotating parts, test more
Added security
mixing motor: original imports power motor, strong powerful, high-speed stable.
into gas valve: gas intake needle type valve, quality reliable.
sampling valve: easy reaction process in the at any time sampling and analysis reaction process.
row valve: convenient in reaction Qian on system for vacuum processing and replacement gas using. reaction end Hou
as vent valve.
pressure table: real-time monitoring reaction pressure
temperature probe: In-depth reaction Kettle body internal, real-time monitoring reaction temperature
heating unit, module heating, heating fast, control precise
added hydrogen reaction Kettle widely application Yu various catalytic reaction, and high temperature high pressure synthesis, and added hydrogen reaction, and gas liquid two-phase, and liquid liquid two-phase, and exothermic reaction, and composition test, and stability, and corrosion sex test, and fine processing, and Super critical reflect, and catalyst evaluation and development, application, and main distribution in oil chemical, and chemical, and pharmaceutical, and polymer synthesis, and metallurgical, field, and
Added hydrogen reaction kettle has resistance high temperature, and resistance corrosion, and production capacity strong, advantages, and widely for medicine, and beverage, and chemical, and pigment, and resin, and research, industrial sector. reaction kettle is Fusion has reaction container, reaction conditions control system, experiment devices. on reaction process in the of temperature, and pressure, and mixing, and reaction real/product, important parameter for strictly of regulation.
purchase added hydrogen reaction Kettle-Weihai Chaoyang chemical mechanical limited. added hydrogen reaction Kettle full professional Seiko manufacturing, now added hydrogen reaction Kettle price offers pin!< BR/> hydrogenation reactor Kettle, kettle cover, jacket, mixers, gear, shaft seals, bearings and other components. Material General has carbon manganese steel, and stainless steel, and zirconium, and nickel base (Hashi, and monel) alloy and the other composite; according to reaction kettle of manufacturing structure can is divided into open type flat cover type reaction Kettle, and open type on welding flange type reaction kettle and closed type reaction Kettle three big class.
added hydrogen reaction Kettle mixing form General has anchor type, and paddle type, and Turbo type, and advance type or box type,, mixing device in high diameter compared big Shi, available multilayer mixing paddle leaves, also can according to user of requirements any matching,
Seal of hydrogenation reactor can be divided into: packing seal, mechanical seal and a magnetic seal. Heating electric heating, cooling jacket cooling coil and kettle.
are widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticides, dyes, pharmaceuticals, food, used to complete, hydrogen sulfide, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and other processes of pressure vessels, such as reactors, reactor, decomposition, polymerization, etc.
of hydrogenation reactor used in the production of sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol, continuous hydrogenation equipment and batch hydrogenation equipment is the hydrogenation reactor.