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Glass-lined reactor after maintenance

(1) each class (often) tour check lined glass reaction kettle of Kettle within and the clip sets operation pressure, and temperature, and vacuum degrees, whether in equipment license of security operation range within (especially reaction Kettle clip sets of using pressure not allows Super pressure), mixing in turned Shi to often concern equipment of run voice, note Kettle within thermometer casing and the mixing of has whether exception.
(2), equipment operators and maintenance workers check the device you want to use, touch, listen to tool, looks and feel the temperature rise, hearing, judge equipment is functioning properly, risks should be promptly reported.
(3) enamel reactor maintenance
① according to maintenance of enamel reactor cycle provided, scheduled maintenance twice a year, normally scheduled during Chinese new year and overhaul.
II each year around the Spring Festival of enamel reactor thermowell and check down the intake manifold.
during the third annual overhaul in addition to checking the thermometer casing and away from intake manifold must also be completed to check agitator, kettle enamel on the inside wall, pressure test reactor jacket, gear box oil change, reactor external anti-corrosion, insulation cold check.
black-belt mixing regular maintenance of enamel reactor requirements shown in the table below:
cycle (month)

maintenance requirements thermowells, intake manifold, remove the check for corrosion
glass lined thermometer sleeve's outer surface glass without damage, such as damage to replace them. Stainless steel thermowell and intake manifold to check for corrosion, and flange weld corrosion, such as abnormal, then consider replacing or repair.
agitator, vessel wall of glass-lined check
requirements agitator, vessel wall of glass-lined surface without damage, more exposed iron is not allowed. If damaged by Fu blue polymer composite material repair. Check

mechanical seal rings should be checked for wear, wear too much to replace. Pressure test to check

jacket jacket pressure is to 0.55MPa to 0.6Mpa, and holding a two-hour requirement without leakage, autoclave insulation more than 3 years to break down equipment outside of the insulation, the jacket for a comprehensive inspection and corrosion-resistant.
gear box oil change
net reducer in oil, add new oil to oil 1/2 to 2/3, and make sure that oil level is clear.
reactor external anti-corrosion, insulation insulation inspection
reactor outer surface, clamp and bolts rust, corrosion, external insulation, insulation requirements without damage.
extensive use of glass in the chemical industry, due to the corrosive reaction conditions, in fits and starts, transportation, use, human problems, there kinds of enamel damage, resulting in unnecessary production stops, such as large areas off, it is recommended that only Depot re-enamel. An enamel pot worth tens of thousands of Yuan, scrapped due to produces porcelain very regrettable. EE-121K, 2210, 2211F polymer composite material composite material rapid on-site repair without demolition equipment, you can simply open manhole repair, repair can be put into use within 24 hours.
keep properly, should be placed within the library, such as when installed outside, there should be rain-proof measures, to prevent rain, especially in cold areas, must be removed before the tank during the winter and the jacket, pipe water, avoid freezing expansion, causing damage of glass surface, in custody, should be protected from hard friction, impact, collision.