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Autoclave before use in the process of preparation and use requirements

Ready to connect
         reactor, air pump power supply
         swing against the kettle on card sets of bolts, open kettle lid, join the reactants, attention to feed no more than Kettle volume 3/4;
&Nbsp;        slow the kettle and kettle on the cover, the reactor interface aligns properly adjusted, PTFE gasket Groove and fit like a glove, or repeat;
         Reactors installed between the reactor and the reactor cover, use a small wrench after tightening bolts diagonally, and then tightened with a special wrench (Note When using a large wrench to eat to live, don't be too hard). Reaction (pressure)
         check valve (exhaust valve at the top, kettle on the exhaust valve, inlet valve, outlet valve under the kettle, etc) is tightened (eat to live, not too hard), open the control box power supply and the switch
       &Nbsp;  opened nitrogen bottle total valve and the points pressure valve, first will points pressure valve of pressure regulation to experiment by needed of pressure, again opened reaction Kettle into valve, makes gas slow filling into reaction Kettle within, dang reaction Kettle displayed of pressure value and nitrogen bottle Shang set pressure same and no longer changes Shi, order close reaction kettle of into valve and nitrogen bottle of out valve;
         reactor open cooling water, adjust the mixing speed;
         check thermocouple is inserted, turn on heat switch, run the heating program;
   &Nbsp;      reaction began Hou to close concern reaction in the the parameter (pressure, and temperature, and speed, and turned from) of changes, especially pressure of changes
Hou processing
stop reaction:
(1) set temperature to at room temperature, natural cooling;
(2) open reaction Kettle above of exhaust valve, slow buck, makes pressure table drop for 0;
(3) close row valve, Open the reactor card sets of bolts, open Kettle cover, remove the product.
    cleaning the reactor: strict cleaning after each experimental reactor.
    check whether the reactor interface aligns properly adjusted, slow on the kettle and kettle cover, sleeve card but do not spin bolts, before adjusting the reactor to respond, check the valve is closed.
   />    considerations in strict accordance with the "high temperature autoclave safety rules" using reactor operation, shall not separate actions, experiments, you need two or more persons.
    experiments, be sure to guard post, absolutely are not allowed to leave.
    shall notify the instructor before using reactor and experimental operations carried out under the supervision of their teachers.
    before use check whether the valve is open, especially the pressure gauge pipe and explosion-proof membrane.
    valves do not spin too tight, it will damage the valve.
    after the end of the experiment, reactor on the sleeve bolt not tight to prevent stick covered kettle and kettle cannot be detached.