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Suzhou Chaoyang reaction Kettle limited, is production various big small and medium reaction Kettle, reaction Kettle, and water hot reaction Kettle, and stainless steel reaction Kettle, and glass reaction Kettle, and enamel reaction Kettle, and lined glass reaction Kettle, and added hydrogen reaction Kettle, and laboratory reaction Kettle, and magnetic reaction Kettle, and electric heating reaction Kettle, and reaction Kettle Blender, high pressure reaction Kettle, laboratory magnetic reaction Kettle, added hydrogen reaction Kettle, stainless steel reaction Kettle, magnetic blender and laboratory with magnetic reaction Kettle, and aggregate Kettle, and titanium nickel reaction kettle of professional factory, holds A1, and A2 pressure vessel manufacturing, design license.

company production equipment, complete detection means perfect, with all kinds of production and testing equipment (instruments) amounted to more than more than 100 units (sets), with a number of specialized in equipment design, development, production technicians and excellent management personnel. Establish a relatively perfect production process and quality management system. Completely has design, and production, and installation all chemical class equipment of capacity; products is divided into reaction, and for hot, and store, and separation, four class, covers has oil, and medicine, and coal chemical, and fine chemical, industry of small try, and in the try and the big production, by need of package equipment, due to company years engaged in reaction kettle and mixing technology of research development, in material anti-corrosion aspects accumulated has large of experience, to convenient user selection, in mixing aspects company has professional of mixing technicians, simulation various workers condition for test, To achieve customer satisfaction results. And titanium, nickel, Hastelloy, monel alloy, zirconium, tantalum, and other non-ferrous metal equipment designing and manufacturing unique, products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, dye, chlor-alkali, dyestuff, metallurgy, research institutions and universities. And win users wide acclaim in the industry.

future, company will continues to pursues technology created value, and management upgrade quality, and products achievements user, and integrity harness market of enterprise purposes, to innovation excellence, and keep commitment for enterprise spirit, to technology service products, and quality service market, and enthusiasm service user for service concept, to professional, and focused, and for you consider each step for marketing slogan, develop enterprising, for social provides quality of products and service, efforts will Chaoyang reaction Kettle limited build became chemical mechanical industry of famous brand.