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Non-ferrous metal reactor structure

Non-ferrous metal reactor, which is a special material reactor is a feature of our projects, production of reactor materials are carbon-manganese steel, stainless steel, zirconium, nickel (Hashi, monel) alloy and other composite materials.
reactor stainless steel material SUS304, SUS316L, etc can be used. Blender-anchor, frame type, paddle, turbine type, scrapers, modular, rotation mechanism can-Cycloid reducer, stepless speed reducer or frequency adjusting speed, specific response requirements can meet a variety of materials. Seal mechanical seal, packing sealing structures can be used. Heating, cooling jacket, half pipes, coil, Miller, Board structure, reactor steam heating, electric heating, heat-conducting oil, to meet the acid-proof, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance in different work environments to the demand. According to user requirements

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