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How to identify the spare parts for high pressure magnetic reactor

High pressure magnetic reaction kettle is magnetic drive device application Yu large reaction equipment of typical innovation, it from essentially solution has yiqian filler sealed, and mechanical sealed cannot overcome of axis seal leak problem, no any leak and pollution, is domestic currently for high temperature, and high pressure reaction Kettle high pressure Xia of chemical reactions most ideal of device, especially for flammable, and easy burst, and toxic media of chemical reactions, more displayed out it of superiority. High pressure magnetic reaction Kettle Kettle body material main used 1cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel making, and can according to different media requirements making titanium material (TA2), and nickel (Ni6) and the Composite plate, kettle body structure has flat cover, and convex shaped cover and with people hole of closed type reaction Kettle body, kettle cover Shang of open hole can according to user requirements for design; heating way has clip sets steam gas, and clip sets hot oil electric heating, form for user orders Shi any matching. Kettle body surface to polishing requirements, Mirror-polished level that can be achieved, and for high viscosity material processed into a cone-shaped bottom for easy feeding and cleaning.


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