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8 Laboratory reactor technology

Laboratory reactor Kettle mixer and transmission system, cooling, reaction vessels, safety devices, furnace, and other components.
1, the laboratory reactor Kettle, kettle and cover made of stainless steel processing, kettle through the thread and flange connections, kettle cover as a traditional flat caps, both made by uniform joins of the master bolt, nut tightening.
2, the laboratory reactor primary sealed by a double seal, seal the remaining points are made of curved surface with the plane and curved surface and curved surface of line contact seal, rely on the contact surface of high precision and smoothness, good sealing effect.
vitro 3, Kettle with a barrel-type silicon carbide furnace, electric wire through to the core, its ends by the lower part of the shell side out, through the wiring Stud, rubber-sheathed cables connected to the controller.
4, the reactor cover is equipped with a pressure gauge and rupture safety devices, vapor-liquid valves, temperature sensors, and so on, so that you can understand the reaction of reactor, adjust proportion of medium vessel and to ensure safe operation.
5, mainly composed of strong magnetic coupling a pair of inner and outer rings, Middle pressure sleeve. Agitators driven by servo motor by coupling. Control the speed of the servo motor and speed control purposes can be achieved.
6, upper sleeve with speed coil, into one of the mixers and magnetic ring rotates, the speed coil produces induced electromotive force, the potential and the stirring speed, passing the potential on the tachometer will show speed.
7, magnetic coupling between the kettle lid and fitted with cooling jacket when operating at high temperature source for the cooling water and magnet high temperature demagnetization.
8, the laboratory reactor bearings made of stainless steel bearing high-strength anodized or graphite, wear resistance, and long maintenance period.