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Antiseptic cleaning method for reaction kettle

&Nbsp;     enamel reaction kettle is sintering Shang a layer ceramic, and lined glass reaction kettle is in metal Kettle internal advance sintering Shang a layer glass, both are is up to resistance chemical corrosion of role, they while also are is anti-corrosion reaction kettle of a, just in process Shang different, price natural also on not as has, reaction pot in using Shang of difference is lined glass reaction Kettle cannot for alkaline material, and enamel reaction Kettle acid, alkali are can using.
containers used for chemical reactions! Variety, used for a variety of different reaction condition! In the material, temperature, pressure and other indicators are also vary according to the specific needs, in General, vessel short, relatively thick! There are synthetic Tower, in fact, function as the reactor, however smaller towers taller diameter! Because the pressure is easy and the internal medium of violent reaction so it will be more dangerous reaction vessel. Role: synthetic resins, such as the computer motherboard base plate, photo printing materials are synthesized in the reactor and then processing the, popular point is the reaction container.

1, chemical corrosion reaction Kettle cleaning method cleaning: first of all, to know the content of scale-like device, it is best to sample analysis. Determined dirt composition after the first test, selection of cleaning agents to pass a test to determine the equipment will not cause corrosion of metals. Then erected on site cleaning temporary circulation device in device recirculating flow, washing away the dirt.
2, mechanical cleaning with high pressure cleaning device, 150-200MPa high pressure water through the nozzle erosion of dirt.
each of the two methods has its advantages and disadvantages, chemical cleaning less labor, short cleaning time, clean thoroughly, but may cause the device to be corrosion; mechanical cleaning equipment are not corroded, hard scale can be effectively cleaned, but takes long and labor intensive. Application of chemical cleaning in the dirt is soft, thin conditions, mechanical cleaning applications in the dirt hard, heavy conditions.