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Classification and functional characteristics of titanium reaction kettle

At present, the titanium reaction Kettle reactor can be divided into pure titanium, composite titanium reaction Kettle, lining three main types of titanium reaction Kettle, are used in different technology environments. Titanium composite reactor because of its superior performance, lower price than titanium reaction Kettle, broader application.
function characteristics
titanium reaction Kettle can do corrosion sex of experiment, titanium was is lively, but easy formed passivation, and passivation layer compared of stable, usually with in with corrosion of material of reaction in the;
due to Titanium has high of than strength, and excellent of heat, and resistance corrosion sex and the fracture toughness, advantages, so titanium reaction kettle in aviation, and space, and petrochemical, and medical and the geological, field by great favored;
titanium reaction Kettle also increasingly widely to was should for civilian field, as car, and Electricity, leisure industry. With the widespread use of titanium and its alloys, welding performance more and more user attention.