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The seven reactors heating and cooling control mode

Heater reactor system liquid loop is a closed system with expansion vessel, expansion vessel and the liquid cycle are adiabatic, did not participate in the liquid circulation, mechanical connections, regardless of the temperature of the liquid circulation is medium to high temperature or low temperature expansion vessels of less than 60 degrees. Throughout the liquid loop is a closed system, low temperature without moisture absorption, and high temperature without generation of oil mist, oil can be very wide working temperature; the same machine, with a heat conducting medium can be achieved-95 degrees to 200 degrees of temperature control. Cooling capacity 1KW~ 80KW entire circulatory system without the use of mechanical and electronic valves.
use of heating and cooling products to achieve a precise control of the temperature control system of temperature: characteristics are as follows:
1, is equipped with heating and cooling a whole container, heat transfer area, the speed of warming and cooling, oil demand is relatively small. Enables continuous temperature. Refrigeration heat exchanger using high strength plate heat exchangers, heat transfer efficiency, footprint small. The whole cycle is closed, high temperatures without oil mist evaporation, heat conduction oil does not oxidize and Browning; low temperatures will not absorb moisture in the air; extending oil life.
2. has self diagnosis function, and frozen machine overload protection, and high pressure pressure switch, and overload following electrical, and hot protection device, variety security guarantees function, full guarantee using security;
3 temperature since adapted control, adapted control system in control process (as chemical reactions process) of process in the, continued constantly of regulation PID parameter to give process best of control temperature and response time, this process is through effective of multi-directional of determination temperature, temperature changes and temperature changes of rate to achieved of. Outer circular and inner temperature probe PT100 with correction function.
4, using HCFE and CFC-free refrigerant.
5, accurately control the speed of chemical reactions (optional: integration units, achieving high temperature condensate return, depending on the temperature control feed rate to prevent reactions too quickly, while accurately controlling feeding quantity).
6 feature. Nonlinear and linear temperature-jump function. All program options include control loop of each step are controlled by a PLC controller computer.
7, automatic series diagnostic and monitoring functions of the system. through PLC touch screen controller, the computer monitor and display detailed system information.