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Hydrothermal synthesis of reactor waste problem

For the reactor's working life has a certain understanding, because each unit of experimental procedures, conditions and requirements are different, such as reactants, reagents, reaction time, temperature and heating rate, so hydro-thermal synthesis reactor no life in the strict sense. Some scrap proposals presented:
1, reactor corrosion if used more than once shows that most of the black steel tank walls or outside wall yellow, corrosion of the threads, tighten the itching conditions should be scrapped. And double-check all the same batch of pots Note: long time, keeping improper are likely to produce this phenomenon, should be scrapped.
2, metal fatigue, or metal lid gaskets deformation, Homburg, tiny cracks, the tank should be scrapped immediately and carefully check all jars of the same batch.
when a reactor to a retirement life, customer must promptly scrapped, not to cause greater damage to businesses for the benefit.