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1L-20L experimental high pressure reaction kettle

1L-20L experimental high pressure reaction kettle

main technical parameters of 1-20L autoclave

capacity: 1-20L

design pressure: ≤ 12.5Mpa (high pressure 20Mpa)

design temperature: ≤ 400

heating power: 1.5-7KW

speed: adjustable 50-1000r/min

motor power: 55-300W

main material: stainless steel 304 stainless steel or 316L

seal: seal

stirring: magnetic mixing

control device: self-tuning function of intelligent digital control, with automatic thermostatic temperature control function, with functions and stepless speed display, equipped with heating voltage meter, motor ammeter. According to user requirements and with working time display tables, xiamenyuguang intelligent temperature-programmed form.


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