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Stainless steel reaction kettle

Stainless steel reaction kettle
Products Description:    stainless steel reaction Kettle Ken has heating quickly, and resistance high temperature, and resistance corrosion, and health, and no pollution, and not needed boiler automatically heating, and using convenient, features, widely application Yu oil, and chemical, and rubber, and pesticide, and dye, and medicine, and food, and used to completed sulfide, and nitrification, and hydrogen of, and hydrocarbon of, and aggregate, and condensation, process process, is to participate in reaction material of full mixed for premise, for heating, and cooling, and And liquid extraction and gas absorption is the process of physical changes, such as Dasher is needed to get to good effect, and customers can design, outer coil processing reactor.
    stainless steel reactor is widely used in chemical, food, coating, hot melt Adhesive, silicone, paints, pharmaceuticals, Petro-chemical reaction to produce evaporation, synthesis, polymerization, saponification, sulfonation, chlorination, Nitration process such as pressure vessels, such as reactors, reactor, decomposition, polymerization, etc.