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Steel lined PTFE reaction kettle

Steel lined PTFE reaction kettle
Large steel reactor it is lined with plastic stencil (shells) welded to the steel surface with polyethylene as raw materials, using spin processes (rotational molding technology) an integrally formed on steel surface, steel net (shells) as one and steel mesh welding in steel and polyethylene surface, making it difficult for PE out of the steel surface. Is thus an excellent resistance to corrosion. Products within lining surface flat, and smooth, and substantial, and traditional of steel lining plastic, and steel lining FRP compared, has more good of resistance corrosion, and resistance wear, and no seams, and not leakage, and not stripping, and life long, advantages, is shipment corrosion liquid of ideal products, can application Yu 100 ℃ following of car transport storage tank, and pipeline, and mixing tank, and low voltage tank, and vacuum tank, and reaction Kettle, and ion exchange column, and neutralization tank, and diluted tank, and drop sank tank, and pickling slot, and plating slot, and chemicals liquid ship with transport storage tank,, can replaced stainless steel equipment. Products have been widely used in chemical, biological, dye, rare earth, metallurgy, medicine, chemicals and other industries, by users, welcome to choose.
at present, our company produces steel tanks lined with plastic devices can replace the stainless steel tank equipment, which greatly reduces the cost of storage tank equipment. Stainless steel prices, steel-lined plastic storage tank facilities are very popular. We produce steel lining plastic tanks, steel tanks lined with plastic, steel mixing tanks lined with plastic and steel lining plastic tank chemical storage tank industry in China made great contributions!